Here you’ll find an appealing selection of sophisticated furniture. No one will be the wiser as to where you bought your desired merchandise.


Home Decor

Hidden Treasures follows the latest trends and styles, and hand picks its inventory accordingly. Our expansive selection of home goods will match your tastes, whether practical or extravagant.

Second Hand Clothing


At Hidden Treasures, you’ll find a wide range of tasteful clothing. All items in our inventory are hand-selected, so we can satisfy your individualized tastes and preferences. Get the style you want at a price you can afford.


We have an incredible assortment of jewelry.  You will look fantastic with your new set of earrings for any occasion.  Your new bracelet will dazzle your friends and they will wonder where you got it!


Hidden Treasures offers toys for children of all ages.  We have toys for newborns, toddlers and small children.  Rather you're looking for something for your little one or the perfect gift, we have you covered.


Hidden Treasures has a large assortment of paperback and hardback books.  We also carry a decent selection of DVD's and audio books for everyone in the family.


10700 Anderson Mill Rd Suite 300

 Austin, TX 78750, USA

(512) 369-3016